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Mehndi Stages

Mehndi  Stages

A1 Weddingwalla now offer unique beautiful design Mehndi Stages. For more information please click on the above mehndi stages button to view our full portfolio. A mehndi Stage is the perfect background setting creating the mood and atmosphere for the perfect mehndi occassion.

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Mehndi Backdrops

If you are looking for unique colourful vibrant menhndi stage backdrops then, A1 Weddingwalla has an extensive choice for you. Our mehndi stage hire, service offer excellent asian mehndi decoration, asian mehndi decor, asian mehndi, indian mehndi and pakistani mehndi stage designs.

Mehndi stage                       
                                  Mehndi Backdrops

We offer a large extensive range of wedding jhula and furniture service. Visit our website for mehndi stage decoration ideas, mehndi stages pictures, mehndi stage images, mehndi stage decoration pictures, indian mehndi decoration pictures and click on our booking form enquiry button to get the latest prices.

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Special Mehndi Books for Sale

Mehndi BooksMehndi Books


Mehndi - the ancient art of painting the skin with henna - beautifies the body, rejuvenates the spirit, and celebrates the joys of creativity and self-expression. This work traces the origins and meanings of traditional designs and shows how to create them on the skin.

Mehndi - The Art of Henna Body Painting By Carine Fabius

Bridal Mehndi



The magical art of mehndi, or henna painting, has been practiced for centuries in India, Africa and the Middle East and it has now finally arrived in the West. Packed with inspirational photographs of traditional and contemporary mehndi, this complete resource offers everything you need to create your own beautiful henna designs, including: - Dozens of practice exercises and sample illustrations. - A foolproof recipe for mixing the henna paste. - Step-by-step instructions on how to apply your mehndi design. - Insider’s tips from professional mehndi artists.

Remember A1 Weddingwalla are the specialist for Bridal Mehndi and Mehndi Stages.

Now Available:

The Asian Bridal Look

Mehndi Party

Are you organising a mehndi party and don't know where to start?

We can help you in creating the perfect mehndi setting including; cushions, covers, mehndi stages, mehndi backdrops, mehndi lighting, Mehndi divas all in the colours of your choice.

We can provide you with a professional Mehndi Henna artist for the bride and your guest. If you want something different then why not consider a sittar and tabla player or a live music band for your entertainment. If need be we can even provide arabian dancers or even bollywood dancers to create that exotic atmosphere for your event.

Please contact us for any special offers Today.

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